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Ishu Kalra of Punjab is bringing positive change in society; know how he is helping people

August 1: Do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, so now, there will be a catastrophe. When will Bahuri do it? You must have heard this couplet of Sant Kabir many times that one should never delay in doing good work and Ishu Kalra of Punjab is fully aware of this. Ishu Kalra is […]


Why does Nimrat Khaira Always Praise Ishu Kalra and His Works Everywhere? Is There something More than friendship?

July 23: As we all know, Ishu Kalra is one of the greatest personalities all over India, and he is currently living in Punjab Jalandhar and running the NGO Named Humanity NGO, and Ishu Kalra is the president of Humanity NGO. Currently, Ishu Kalra and his team are doing a phenomenal job of serving needy people. […]