Business Launches India’s First Online Property Prize Competition

Gurugram (India), February 2:, a unique solution to the housing crisis in India, believes that everyone deserves a roof over their head. With a growing population, changing family patterns, and an increase in migration, India is facing a housing backlog, an infrastructure deficit, and a rising number of homeless individuals and slum dwellers. To […]


“Pastel Parrots: The Rise of a Fashion Brand” – Also became story of a homemaker’s transformation

New Delhi (India), February 2: In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, one brand is making a name for itself as a leading provider of premium scarf and hijabs. Pastel Parrots, founded by Ramshi Muneem, began as a small, home-based business, but has since grown into a successful online brand. Ramshi Muneem started Pastel […]


Kolkata’s Sumit Bajaj On Record Predicted ‘Gautam Adani’s’ Wealth Crash

New Delhi (India), February 1: 4 months back in September 2022, Pathaan’s unstoppable success, Fifa World Cup Results, T20 World Cup Cricket Match Results, Nepal’s Plane Crash, Earthquakes, lately Iran’s Drone attacks, and many other predictions of his been spot on…how? In the month September 2022, Kolkata’s Sumit Bajaj had predicted on record that from End […]


An exciting new clothing brand based in Surat is making its way to your hearts!

Surat (Gujarat) [India], February 1: The frenzy brand Kaambhari is launched by young entrepreneurs from Surat, Gujarat. The brand makes quirky T-shirts to transform the styling of today’s generation. As part of the affordable apparel available, the brand offers a wide variety of t-shirts for college students, artists, and people of all ages. What’s the ideology behind Kaambhari? […]


“Airport expansion will assist Coimbatore to become a global city” – says Eshwar N, Chief Executive Office of G Square

Airport expansion will assist Coimbatore to become a global city New Delhi (India), February 1: Ever wondered what fast-paced social development looks like? One can have a fair idea and witness the same if they ever lived around an airport. According to modern living standards, the airport has always been considered one of the most prized public […]


Sujoy Mukherjee’s documentary film “Battle of Swaraj” carves its name on the trophy of glorious Indian awards

He also announced his feature film “Kalpvriksh” at his ancestral Filmalaya Studio Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 1: The Documentary Battle of Swaraj by filmmaker Sujoy Mukherjee has been making waves on the internet lately. The film won the Honourable Jury Award at Mumbai Shorts International Film Fest for Best Documentary film. Sujoy Mukherjee is known […]