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Raktim Singh’s Mantra to startup world: Use technology for social good

New Delhi (India), February12: Raktim Singh’s life story is marked by curiosity, perseverance, and a deep desire to impart knowledge, beginning with his elementary education in Gonda and culminating in his current esteemed status as an authority on FinTech, Digital technologies, societal goods, and digital transformation.

Self-doubt to Self-Realization:

Raktim experienced a challenging upbringing marked by self-doubt, insecurity, a propensity for inquiry, and the pursuit of novel experiences. According to him, he used to dread failing every exam, even though he was nearly always the top student in those examinations. 

During that pre-internet era, he devoted much effort to reading various magazines, whichever were available in his hometown of GONDA. Additionally, he attended every event that was organized in his hometown. 

On one of those occasions, he won first place for an impromptu speech in which he participated. 

The unforeseen triumph revealed that he enjoys public speaking and gets new ideas while communicating with audiences. 

From insecure, shy person to Prolific speaker and Thought Leader:

His small-town upbringing and childhood hardships, nevertheless, imposed constraints that prevented him from pursuing this newly discovered interest. 

Despite his extensive knowledge of numerous technical subjects, he was hesitant to speak at various events because childhood insecurities would vividly play in the back of his mind. 

But from childhood, Raktim has maintained one habit: reading books on various topics. He has a library of more than 800 books and read books on diverse topics, from finance, marketing, anthropology, technology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and leadership to teamwork. 

His avid reading appetite and innate ability to simplify complex ideas motivated him to pursue writing. “Driving Digital Transformation,” his debut book, achieved phenomenal success on Amazon, selling in over twenty countries. His book, where he undertook to simplify the complex topic of digital transformation, garnered him considerable acclaim. 

This resulted in him receiving a speaking invitation for a TEDx event. 

His TEDx talk, “Digital Transformation Common Man,” was widely viewed and acclaimed internationally for its clear and concise explanations of complex subjects, such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, using commonplace examples.

The TEDx talk audience and readers of his book both admired his adeptness at simplifying intricate subjects and illuminating technical information through relatable examples. 

Beyond Corporate world:

Raktim’s sphere of influence goes beyond the confines of the business sector. In response to his readership’s request, he released the Hindi version of his book “Driving Digital Transformation.” 

Furthermore, his articles have been featured in esteemed national and international publications catering to a broad readership, such as Fortune India, Hindustan Times, Outlook India, US Times Now, and International Business Times.

Raktim effectively explains the complexities of intricate technical topics to benefit non-specialists; he does so with excellent skill. The authorship of over one hundred articles on his website,, which covers a vast array of subjects such as personal transformation, financial inclusion, FinTech, WEB3.0, CBDC, GEN AI, Soft Skills, Digital transformation, and Agile, attests to his expertise.

Raktim, an accomplished author and eminent speaker, is confident that written and verbal communication are equally effective. Industry events, conferences, and international institutions have showcased his works, including those hosted by PES University, Chandigarh University, IEEEVIT, NIBM (National Institute of Bank Management), Dell, Siemens, and PES University.  

He believes one should be able to convey one’s thought process to the audience comprehensibly when speaking. This must be accomplished through the audience’s comprehension of pertinent examples and the simplification of complex topics.

Solving Social problems by using Technology:

Raktim is founded on the tenet that technology should operate as a catalyst for constructive societal transformation. 

Through his exceptional comprehension of macroeconomic and microeconomic components and aptitude for explaining complex subjects, he goes the extra mile to understand the ever-evolving technological landscape and its impact on society. He positions himself as an exemplary mentor in an era increasingly characterized by technological advancements.

He believes we must understand technology and help others use it for personal, business, and societal transformation.

He explains that many times, young entrepreneurs, especially from his alma mater, IIT BHU, reach out to him for advice on various startup ideas. Many times, they start with technology instead of starting with a problem that they need to solve. With his vast experience and knowledge, Raktim helped those startups stay on course and guided them toward profitability while also helping expand their business. 

This led him to be invited to various global platforms, where business leaders across the industries heard him about technology usage in their businesses. 

As he asserts, technology has become prevalent in all sectors, necessitating the education of all members of society regarding the application of diverse technical concepts across multiple industries. He advocates for digital inclusion and believes that a lack of digital literacy causes the digital divide; therefore, we must develop and implement strategies that promote digital inclusion. 

Raktim, in thinking of his mission and vision, conceives of a societal framework wherein the operation of technology functions to advance the collective welfare. Demonstrating an unyielding conviction in the transformative capacity of technology and an unwavering commitment to promoting financial inclusivity, his goal is to share knowledge. He maintains that “technology should assist us in our pursuit of social good.”

Social Good for Global audience:

He aspires to offer his insights at reputable international forums, including the World Economic Forum, where he can employ his message to stimulate informed discussions regarding the multifaceted ramifications of technology. 

Raktim’s narrative examines the transformative power of knowledge and individual accomplishment. His unwavering commitment to promoting societal well-being and his exceptional ability to elucidate complex topics make him an indispensable asset in the quest for a future marked by enhanced understanding and autonomy.

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