Simplifying the Complex: Raktim Singh’s Mission to Bridge the Tech Divide

New Delhi (India), February 2:  Raktim Singh is an experienced professional weaving his expertise into societal betterment in technology and innovation. Born in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, Singh’s journey began under the shade of a tree, overcoming childhood struggles. 

Armed with a B.Tech degree from IIT BHU, he entered the corporate realm in 1995, finding his niche in Infosys. A TEDx speaker and an Amazon Best Seller for ‘Driving Digital Transformation,’ Singh has become a thought leader on the intersections of FINTECH, Digital Transformation, AI, and ESG, among others. Digging deeper into Singh’s narrative, he shares, “I wish I had a mentor during my early years, someone who could guide me through understanding my strengths and weaknesses.” This revelation stems from his own experiences of self-discovery and a desire to bridge the mentorship gap for others. 

Singh’s journey was only sometimes apparent; his initial reluctance to public speaking shifted when he won an impromptu event in college. Recognising the power of communication, he later embraced speaking engagements, becoming an advocate for overcoming self-doubt and embracing one’s capabilities.

Singh’s foray into writing and speaking revealed his passion for simplifying complex topics. “I love taking complex subjects, researching them thoroughly, and then explaining them in a way that a common person can understand,” he shares. His Amazon Best Seller and over 100 articles covering FINTECH, Digital Transformation, Metaverse, and Soft Skills for personal growth reflect this passion.

Reflecting on his mission and vision, Singh envisions a society where technology serves the greater good. With a focus on financial inclusion and a belief in the transformative power of technology, he strives to disseminate knowledge. “To me, technology should help us in social good,” he emphasises. His unique ability to navigate both macro and micro levels, simplifying intricate topics, positions him as a ‘Thought Leader’ aiming to deliver talks at forums like the ‘World Economic Forum.’

Singh’s impact surpasses the corporate arena. With a Hindi version of his book and articles on mediums like Medium and Finextra, he caters to a diverse audience. Corporate professionals with over a decade of experience find value in their insights in the financial, fintech, and technology sectors. Simultaneously, Singh serves the ordinary person eager to comprehend various technologies straightforwardly.

In Singh’s words, “I can relate at both the macro and micro levels, explaining complex topics in a simple way for the common person to understand.” This commitment aligns with his broader mission of contributing to societal well-being through his rich experience and deep knowledge in FINTECH and Digital Transformation.

As Singh envisions making a mark on the global stage, his efforts culminate in his desire to speak at the ‘World Economic Forum.’ He aims to bring about positive change through talks, articles, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge dissemination. 

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