Vedanta will benefit the youth as well as every single citizen of this nation and the entire world says Sri Soumyarup Saha      

A Vedanta Session at Montserrat, Ireohm, Barcelona

Q1 – What is the mission and vision of Sri Soumyarup Saha?


To cultivate worldwide the essence of Vedanta, cutting across the barriers of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth, enabling the masses to adopt the same as a way of life, and to instil in them the conviction that Self-realization or God-realization is a living reality, as opposed to being a decorated ideology, beyond the reach and scope of the ordinary.


Throughout their history, humans have run amok in the pursuit of happiness. But in vain.

Not until we give up the struggle do we realize that the source of eternal bliss is within us.

Soumyarup Saha’s mission is to cultivate the knowledge of Vedanta,

•                    To empower you to shift your quest for happiness, redirecting it from the external realm to the profound depths of your inner world. And,

•                    To help you walk the path of self-discovery until you arrive organically at your own ‘give up’ moment and discover eternal bliss.

Q2 – A brief introduction on the Journey of Sri Soumyarup Saha and his Guru, Sri Bhagavan?

Soumyarup Saha is the disciple of Sri Bhagavan, the core and founder of International Vedanta Society (est. 1989).

He was introduced to the world of spirituality at the young age of ten, following a chance meeting with Bhagavan that took place when he accompanied his father to the IVS ashram in Kolkata, where Bhagavan was temporarily resident.

The next five years saw the coming of age of a lifelong relationship built on the love that transpired between the Master and His disciple. At the age of fifteen, Soumyarup was immersed in the experience of ‘Samadhi’, which subsequently bore the fruit of Self-realization or God-realization.

Thereafter, he dedicated himself to the spiritual service of humankind, having received divine sanction from Sri Bhagavan.

Since 2019, Soumyarup has been conducting workshops and sessions on Vedanta on a regular basis.

His presence not only ignites spiritual growth but also serves as an instrument for countless others worldwide to experience the transformative power of Vedanta philosophy. Soumyarup carries within him the pure essence of Sri Bhagavan’s love and wisdom, serving as a torchbearer on the path to self-realization and dedicated service to humanity.

Recently, on September 26th, 2023, Soumyarup embarked on his first journey to Europe, visiting Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain, meticulously organised by devoted followers of Vedantic ideals. His words, infused with the essence of Vedanta, resonated deeply within the hearts of the seekers, leaving an indelible mark on their souls. Seekers, scattered across Europe, found renewed purpose and spiritual bliss through Soumyarup’s boundless love and tireless efforts. This tour was not merely a series of lectures; it was a spiritual awakening, an embodiment of Sri Bhagavan’s enduring legacy.

Q3 -How is the wisdom of Vedanta helping youngsters or youth?

The wisdom of Vedanta will benefit all and not only the youth of the country and the world at large. The parents must know what to feed their children, and how to effect change or transformation in both their own and children’s lives. It will help not only the youth but the parents, the teachers and the mentors – the makers of the youth. Vedanta is that knowledge that keeps you anchored to that reality that you are not the mind and the body, but Consciousness.

And when you realise yourself as consciousness, the mind will never pull you down from this reality. If one is a Vedantin, then a player, will be a good player, a singer will be a good singer, a good sportsman, a good householder and so on.. You will be good in everything you do. Why? Because there will be no distractions in life or in what you do. Vedanta wipes out all the distractions that one might have in life. And because we are distracted we are always trying to keep our minds cool, calm, by doing yoga, doing this and that practises and engaging in a variety of other activities.

And Vedanta facilitates us to free ourselves from the mind, and to feel ourselves as consciousness and nothing else. So there is no distraction, and whatever you want to do you will be able to do. You are distraction less, when you practise Vedanta. Thus, practising Vedanta will benefit the youth as well as every single citizen of this nation and the entire world.

Q4 – At the end of the day people are looking for peace and happiness, but somehow we are unable to find it? So what do you want to share on this big issue?

If all you do is strive to find happiness, satisfaction, or positive, your search for them will be fruitless. Seeking that will never lead to positivity, serenity, or happiness. However, you won’t need to look for them if you understand the origin of positivity, that is, what it is to be positive, and the source of all happiness, tranquillity, or pleasure.

Peace and happiness are the by-product of the fundamental realisation “that you are the Consciousness”.

You won’t look for peace, if you understand, that it is the inherent result of practising Vedanta. Peacefulness will be a natural phenomenon in your life. Thus, we must look for truth rather than peace. And in the process of searching the truth, we find peace and happiness.

Q5 – If anyone wants to be a part of this noble service and spread the message of Vedanta under your guidance, how can they join and connect with you?

Everyone is welcome to discover who they are and to participate in the great work of spreading and practising Vedanta. Every week, we meet on Thursdays and Sundays. We carry it out offline as well as online. Since spiritual transmission occurs heart to heart, offline or in-person meetings are ideal. You would be getting the spiritual anecdotes online. To contact, please mail us at or get in touch with us at +91 9330052167 for the sessions.