CXO Junction Goes Global with an event in Riyadh, Expanding its International Footprint

Olaya, Riyadh, {KSA}: In a remarkable display of its expanding international reach and commitment to fostering crucial discussions and truly making a change in the cybersecurity domain, CXO Junction hosted a CXOs Roundtable discussion on “Data Security Strategies for the Modern Threat Landscape” in Riyadh. The event, held in association with Comforte, Concerto Software & Systems (P) Ltd., and Jolnar Future brought together a cadre of distinguished industry leaders and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for thought-provoking dialogue on data security.

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“At CXO Junction, our leadership commitment involves fostering vital discussions, tackling industry challenges, and offering security solutions while forging valuable CXO connections, exemplified in our recent Riyadh event”, says Mohinee Singh, Co-Founder, of CXO Junction and a young dynamic professional.

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh’s Olaya district, the event was a resounding success, signaling CXO Junction’s global ascendancy and influence in shaping modern security strategies.

One of the central themes of the roundtable discussion was the transition from a traditional perimeter-based approach to data-centric security. In the face of evolving threats, the idea that security should revolve around protecting data rather than just securing network parameters has gained prominence. Experts emphasized the importance of safeguarding data across different environments, including cloud and hybrid IT systems, as the digital landscape continues to evolve.


Privacy and compliance were also in the spotlight, underlining the significance of maintaining data privacy and adhering to compliance regulations in data-driven businesses.

Striking the right balance between usability and security emerged as a fundamental challenge, with the need to enable secure data access and analytics without compromising on data protection.

The gathering was a testament to CXO Junction’s prowess in bringing together top-notch CXOs from diverse industries to discuss pressing issues in cybersecurity.

CXO Junction’s footprint in Riyadh has marked a significant milestone in its global expansion journey. By facilitating such critical conversations, the brand is cementing its reputation as a bridge between innovative solutions to minimise the cyber risks.

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