How Contentholic is leading the SOP and LOR Writing Services in India

Contentholic’s Founder – Mr. Suneet Kumar Singh received the “Outstanding Mentor Award” at ISA 2023, Bangkok (Thailand)

New Delhi (India), October 14: India is one of the leading countries across the globe when it comes to studying overseas and this trend has further increased post-COVID. This huge surge in demand for international higher education has given rise to fierce competition to get admitted to top colleges and universities abroad. This boost in the study abroad industry has also increased visa refusal cases in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, and many other countries. These study abroad and visa applications are highly dependent on documentation and one of the most important documents among all is the statement of purpose. Since many students are not aware of “How to write a statement of purpose?”, demand for SOP Writing Services has increased in recent few years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Contentholic is India’s first SOP Writing Agency, which started offering its SOP and LOR Writing Services in India in 2011.

About Contentholic

Contentholic came into existence in February 2011 with a vision to offer the best quality of SOP Writing Services in India and abroad. This Delhi-based academic writing company was established by Suneet Kumar Singh, who is a writer and consultant by profession. The agency offers assistance to students with their admissions essays, SOP & LORs, Visa Applications, Assignment help, and Dissertation Help, etc. Contentholic also provides assistance for applying to premium universities and colleges like – Ive Leagues, Russell Group, and Group of 8 Universities. When he established Contentholic, the landscape of content writing and its potential remained largely unfamiliar to the majority of individuals in India. What commenced as an initial vision to provide top-tier writing services to corporates, startups, and individuals gradually evolved to encompass the academic writing domain. Remarkably, Contentholic pioneered the establishment of the first formal SOP Writing Agency in India, offering a comprehensive suite of SOP writing services and academic writing services both within India and internationally.

Notably, Contentholic’s dedication and reliability in the academic writing sphere were recognized by many and it was covered by leading media agencies in India, America, and Europe. The agency has also received numerous awards for its exemplary services in this domain. Contentholic has also been awarded for being the ‘Most Reliable Academic Writing Agency in India’ by Bollywood Actress and BJP Leader Jaya Prada at the Indo-Asian Business Excellence Summit 2022. The founder of Contentholic – Mr. Suneet recently received the Best Mentor Award at the International School Awards in Bangkok, from Ex-Railway Minister of India Mr.  Suresh Prabhi, and famous Indian Idol Fame Singer – Abhijeet Sawant. Contentholic was again nominated and awarded as India’s best SOP Writing Agency in India at the Ace Business and Influencer Awards in Mumbai by Famous Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel.

USP of the Company

At Contentholic, each application is treated with meticulous attention, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all aspects necessary to persuade the selectors at the university or at visa consulates. The company’s professional sop writers ensure that each application distinguishes itself from the rest, with unique storytelling in the form of those statements. Their proficiency unveils the distinctive narrative of every student, portraying their decision to pursue studies abroad in the most compelling manner. The company’s unique selling proposition lies in the quality of its Statements of Purpose (SOPs) and Admissions Essays, characterized by freshly crafted, customized drafts, a unique storyline, and plagiarism-free content. Furthermore, the application process involves three critical stages: writing, proofreading, and editing, ensuring that each submission meets the highest standards before release.

Challenges Faced by Contentholic

Operating in the creative writing domain, where AI Writing and content-spinning tools are in abundance, Contentholic frequently encounters challenges in recruiting quality writers. Suneet acknowledges the difficulty of finding individuals capable of consistently delivering creative content on a daily basis, highlighting the strain on resources when expectations are not met. Compounding these challenges, instances have arisen where competitors have showcased Contentholic’s writing samples to their own clients. However, amidst these hurdles, Singh candidly admits that a significant portion of their clientele or students now come through referrals. This underscores the resilience and credibility of Contentholic in the face of challenges and intense competition. Despite the obstacles, Singh remains confident that Contentholic will maintain its position as the foremost SOP Writing Agency in the country, supported by its enduring reputation and a substantial base of satisfied clients.

Contentholic foraying into study abroad consulting

After years of success in the academic domain, the Contentholic team has guided more than 97,000 students in their study board journey. Post-pandemic, they forayed into student recruitment and education consulting for three of their office locations – New Delhi, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad. Considering their clients’ requests to handle the rest of the application filing processes for the student visa, the team took their time to understand the landscape in depth. As a result, they launched study abroad consulting services which currently help students to study in Canada, US, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Germany.

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