SISO live trading strategy workshop conducted by Mr. Sanket, owner and founder, MR MONEY MASTER

New Delhi (India), October 6: What is the most important thing when it comes to trading? Newcomers will say theories or strategies, but traders who have done profits and losses know for sure that without practice and approach, there will be no profits. If we put it into numbers, it’s 5% theories and 95% practical, but then why does every stock market institute teach only theories instead of focusing on the most important aspect, which is practically trading? That’s where MR MONEY MASTER has borne, and Sanket sir decided to change old school knowledge and started his Live Practical Trading Program. He has recently completed Live Practical Trading Sessions at Holiday Inn Nashik Indira Nagar successfully, and we can say that he is the only one to do it live.

When our interviewer asked him to say a few words about his live practical trading program, he responded politely, “There are thousands of stock market institutes around each of us, yet according to national reports, only 3% of people are profitable; why do you think so? What this institute teaches you can help you write an exam but won’t help you earn actual profits, which defeats the actual purpose of why people join the stock market, which is to earn money. As a trader with 18+ years of trading experience, the one thing I know from my heart is how to trade practically to make profits. That’s what I started teaching in SISO strategy in my live trading program, where I trade with participants so they can gain actual market experience and learn ways to earn daily profits without depending on theories and strategies.”