Homeopathy v/s Conventional Skin Treatment: Your Path to Healthier Skin

New Delhi (India), August 25: Healthy Skin in all its glory is smooth, without any breaks in it, and mirrors the inner health of the body, mind, and soul. Skin quality is tremendously important as it affects mental health, quality of life, self-esteem, and daily interpersonal interaction. It is very important to keep up high skin standards or you may have to choose from a variety of skin treatment choices available these days. The major treatment approaches for maintaining skin health are Homeopathy and conventional skin treatments.

Understanding Skin Problems and Their Impact

The impact of skin complaints is very marked as described in a 2014 article from Indian Journal of Dermatology, the prevalence of Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Dermatitis is estimated to be around 25 %. Psoriasis has affected around 125 millions people worldwide as per a 2021 study. According to a 2015 study from Indian Journal of Dermatology, around 85 % adolescents and young adults are affected by Acne. All these different skin problems disturb the quality of life of an individual to a great extent. Skin problems that are most prevalent are managed well with homeopathy as well as conventional medicine, but which gives sustainable and long-lasting results is the key to understanding better skin treatment goals.

When you opt for conventional treatments for skin problems especially with topical application of steroids and other such ointments that only relieves the symptom for the time being and does not address the root of the skin problem. It merely suppresses the body’s expression of disease which might be deeper seated then one might think it is. In such cases, short-term relief is achieved through such suppressive applications that will lead to recurrence of the skin manifestation.

Moreover, nutrition also plays a significant role in obtaining a healthier skin. Nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fat rich foods are excellent for skin health. Certain lifestyle changes like no smoking, no alcohol, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet will work wonders for your skin. Several environmental influences like household irritants, sun exposure, changes in weather, common chemicals, and sub-standard skin care products may harm your skin in various ways.

Homeopathy: A Holistic Approach to Skin Health

According to the Homeopathy Research Institute, the worldwide use of homeopathy amounts to over 200 million on a regular basis. In India, around 100 million people depend on homeopathy as a main line of treatment for various ailments. A 2009 study on Homeopathy and its treatment for psoriasis suggests a marked improvement in symptoms as also seen in another 2021 study on atopic dermatitis showing similar signs of relief with the help of homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic medicines used for several skin complaints are completely natural, safe, and free from side effects. Homeopathy treatment aims to remove the deep-seated root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms exhibited on the surface for long-term relief of patients. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that not only gives importance to physical symptoms but also considers symptoms of the mind, thus, adopting a holistic approach to the patient’s wellbeing.

Instead of just providing symptomatic relief that happens with the use of conventional medicines, homeopathic treatment enhances immunity and impacts in the following ways:

  • It deals with the root cause and not just symptoms.
  • It naturally strengthens immunity.
  • It promotes the natural defenses of the body against disease-producing organisms.
  • It can be useful in dual aspects- preventive and curative.  
  • It awards long-lasting treatment outcomes.
  • It decreases the recurrence of infections.

Traditional Skin Treatments: Pros and Cons

Traditional or conventional skin treatments like topical steroid creams, antibiotic ointments, etc. are easy to use and if used in low doses have a relatively safe approach on delicate skin. The fore-mentioned suppressive effect on use of such local application on the skin is clearly an obstacle in achieving complete patient recovery.

According to a 2016 article from the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the frequent use of steroid creams causes side effects in as many as 90% of patients and various additional skin problems like uneven skin tone, facial dermatitis, rosacea-like features (reddish eruptions), photosensitivity, and hirsutism (excessive unwanted hair). There is a recently observed phenomenon where the misuse or overuse of topical corticosteroids on the face results in facial skin damage that is referred to as Topical steroid Damaged/ Dependent face (TSDF). Even milder doses over a long period of time can cause steroid dependence and can result in withdrawal problems in steroid users post cessation of intake and even flare ups.

A 2021 study from the Indian Journal of Dermatology, portrays the side effects of local application of anti-bacterial creams which include risk of bacterial resistance, concern for systemic absorption, toxicity, and impaired wound healing. There are even chances of several skin manifestations like itching, burning, redness, scaling, contact dermatitis, etc. occurring due to significant exposure to it. Many studies point to the adverse effects of conventional approaches that range from mild to severe depending upon the patient’s genetics, immunity, and other such bodily dispositions.

On the other hand, Homeopathy not only treats well, but also maintains the state of order in the patient in terms of inner as well as outward well-being, so the patient’s overall health is established. 

Homeopathic Remedies for Common Skin Conditions

Many different homeopathic remedies are beneficial for various skin problems as per the patient’s individual requirements and not just on the bases of symptoms, some remedies are illustrated below:

  • Silicea in Acne:

In this remedy, the complaints are due to poor nutrition and anemia. There are vesicular and pustular eruptions all over the face. It is helpful in patients who have pimples along with abscesses and boils.  

  • Graphites for Eczema:

The eruptions ooze out a sticky exudate and the rest of the area not affected by eczema is dry, hard, and rough. The skin is very unhealthy. There is swelling seen. The patient becomes worse after menses.

  • Petroleum for Psoriasis:

In this remedy, the skin is dry, constricted, and very sensitive. It is often rough, cracked, and leathery. Psoriasis mainly of the hands, exhibits redness, rawness and bleeds easily. There are thick greenish crusts.

  • Apis for Urticaria:

The patient may have complaints because of bee stings. There is sudden edema of the body. There is extreme sensitivity to touch and general soreness. There is burning stinging pain over the whole body.

  • Thuja for Warts:

There is the presence of painful fig warts and large seedy warts. There is sensitivity to touch. The eruptions are mainly on covered parts.

Caution: It is important to note that do not self-medicate on any of the above medicines without proper guidance from a homeopath.

A 2012 study suggests that homeopathy is a scientifically sound science based on intense empirical research and is completely safe, and non-toxic in its nature. A single remedy is prescribed in a non-invasive form, based on a person as a whole, it is beneficial for long lasting improvements in the person and not just the symptoms.

 Embracing a Holistic Approach to Skin Care

Homeopathy incorporates a holistic approach considering both the physical and mental affections of the body and acts in a way that can bring about complete harmony in the body. As opposed to conventional treatments, homeopathy targets the skin problems from their root cause and not just the surface, the resultant patient well-being lasts longer and there is no or very less chance of recurrence every chance the body is under unfavorable conditions.

Homeopathic treatment in unison with a proper balanced diet and certain lifestyle changes like stress management, avoiding alcohol and smoking, etc. can effectively ensure long-standing freedom from any ailment. Along with that, a comprehensive skincare routine of cleansing, moisturizing and toning will be beneficial for proper skin care. Homeopathy in combination with Hydra facial treatment that have active homeopathic ingredients, instantly improves the skin outcomes like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone painlessly. Furthermore, many AI led treatment solutions performed at Dr Batra’s® when integrated with Homeopathy enhances optimal outcome. These AI skin treatment are enumerated below:

  • AI Homeo Clear for acne
  • AI Homeo Bright for brightening
  • AI Homeo Youth for anti-ageing
  • AI Homeo Re-Neu for anti-ageing and brightening

Testimonials and Success Stories

Homeopathy Success stories showing positive results-

I was very depressed and then I came to know about Dr Batra’s clinic through one of my cousins. When I arrived here, I had big, dark red, painful pimples. Immediately after taking homeopathic treatment, my condition improved and gradually cleared entirely. Now I have regained my lost confidence and feel very happy, thanks to Dr Batra’s.

-39 years Male Patient- New Delhi.

I was in search of homeopaths for the treatment of white patches on the skin. My family specialist recommended me to Dr Batra’s Homeopathic clinic, as they are excellent in treating chronic skin conditions. Thanks to their homeopathic treatment within just 3 months the white patches decreased in size as well as number. Moreover, no new patches came up.

-21 years Female Patient- Mumbai.

I have been a patient of Dr Batra’s Positive homeopathy for 7 months for urticaria treatment at Dr Batra’s Hubli clinic. I am very happy with my doctors and employees at Dr Batra’s. They are very helpful and positive. Here homeopaths not only treat us but also guide through lifestyle changes to a successful treatment. Now I feel very positive and confident, thank you Dr Batra’s homeopathy for a positive treatment.

-36 years Female Patient- Hubli.

The above testimonials remarkably portray that Homeopathy has a very good scope in the treatment of various skin ailments without having any side effects and a significant improvement in the patient as a whole.


As you may have noticed, the advantages of homeopathy for healthier skin are innumerable like the treatment of skin affections from its roots, with long-lasting results, and 100% safe, without any side effects. Homeopathy is non-invasive and treats not only the physical symptoms but also looks after mental and emotional well-being, following a holistic approach for the patient. It is in your best interest to consult Dr Batra’s® homeopathic clinic near you to ensure your health and well-being are restored through a personalized homeopathic treatment plan which may be given to a patient after an approximately 30-40 minutes homeopathic consultation session. Dr Batra’s® Homeopathy has a positive success rate of 94.3% (Authenticated by American quality assessors) and around 1,40,000+ skin patients that have been successfully treated by our 300+ experienced homeopaths across our 200+ clinics globally.

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