With a global vision for the coming decade, Corefactors commemorates its 10th anniversary and ushers in a new era

New Delhi (India), February 18: Corefactors, one of the fastest growing B2B SaaS companies, celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 10th Feb with the unveiling/launch of the next-gen customer relationship management software that aims to enable RevOps in revenue operations across the customer lifecycle.

The Co-founder and CEO of Corefactors, Ms. Sharmila Sundaram, shared in her opening keynote that she and Mr Vimal Murali, Co-founder and Chief Customer Success Officer started the company in 2013 with the vision of solving problems in the sales and marketing space. From the very beginning, Corefactors focussed on creating a culture of empathy towards customers, innovations & co-create, and being process driven, which helped them easily bring in multiple customizable solutions to fit different business models and processes along the journey.

Within the first few years, Corefactors worked closely with 100s of businesses across industries to understand the issues and challenges they faced to achieve optimum efficiency and grow faster. Seeing the proliferation of multiple tools for different teams and the development of silos between teams leading to revenue leakages, Corefactors decided to take a significant transition from a service provider to a product-based company in 2016.
2019 is the first year for them as a product company. Mr Pankaj Kumar, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, joined the team in 2020 with the vision of taking products to the global market.

Pankaj shared- the aim is to auto-implement RevOps in business processes with the help of AI. is designed to automate the entire revenue operations workflow and help SMBs achieve optimum efficiency by breaking silos between teams, thus reducing revenue leakages and enabling faster growth. With, businesses can expect more synergies between teams, deep text analysis to understand customer engagements and interactions, automated workflow, better predictability of future revenues and challenges, and every stakeholder more aligned towards one goal of revenue generation.

Further, Vimal expressed that 2020-21 tested their perseverance with covid impacting not only financially but also mentally and emotionally; however, customers’ valuable insights and trust in us helped Corefactors envision and develop this product. We look forward to expanding globally with, the RevOps-enabled automated relationship management software.

The event also featured an excellent, insightful fireside chat on RevOps, challenges faced, and future strategies for SMBs between Mr. Akash Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Zypp Electric, Mr Dibya Prakash, Mentor and Technology Strategist, and Mr. Amit Singhal, Founding Partner at Fluid Ventures and Startup Buddy. Mr. Akash shared the importance of data, capturing and monitoring the right metrics across the funnel, and how Corefactors is helping achieve them the same effortlessly. Mr. Amit pressed on the importance of knowing your customers, having clarity of vision and how important it is for SMBs to adopt the right tools for same to enable seamless collaborations across teams. Mr. Dibya talked about how implementing RevOps is a way forward for SMBs, with businesses and the world seeing a complete transformation from physical to digital.

The final note was from our investor Mr. Jitendra Lahori who traveled all the way from Dubai to Bengaluru for the occasion. He stated his thoughts on what motivated me to invest in Corefactors: foundational and vision clarity, a process-driven methodology, and, most significantly, the resolve, drawing a parallel to one of the most successful investments in one of the leading global airlines. Then he discussed how openness and transparency are qualities he admires about Corefactors and the team. He cited a time during the Covid era when things were not going well, and Corefactors contacted him to discuss the situation and get feedback on the best course of action. Finally, he thanked the client and the Corefactors team, stating that he had benefited emotionally and financially from his investment after hearing testimonials from customers at the event (most of the customers present at the event themselves came forward on the stage and shared their story on support and why they recommend corefactors).

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