Vishwadeep Kamble, the CEO of Hackerhelps, made headlines once more by turning down a $2 million funding deal

New Delhi (India), February 11: Starting a business can be a difficult undertaking, but for some entrepreneurs, the problem lies in doing it on their terms as well as in actually starting the business. Vishwadeep is one such business leader who recently declined a $2 million funding offer for his enterprise from a European Angel Investor.

A well-known entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Vishwadeep Kamble is best known for his enterprise Hackerhelps. He is a self-made man who also trains law enforcement officials, making him one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs. During his school years, most of his friends were occupied with formal schooling, but Vishwadeep was focused on learning more about cybersecurity and assisting businesses in securing themselves.

Vishwadeep’s speeches on cybersecurity and ground-breaking research are frequently featured in new articles, research articles, and summits.

Vishwadeep, the CEO of Hackerhelps, is currently making headlines throughout the world for his decision to turn down a $2 million funding offer.

Although the offer was attractive, he ultimately made the decision to reject it since he wanted to expand his company on its own, without the aid of loans or money. For their company to be successful in the long run, Vishwadeep believes that they must have complete control over the direction and expansion of their enterprise.

Additionally, Vishwadeep thinks that accepting funding may have its drawbacks. While it can help the company financially, it can also put a lot of pressure on the business owner to meet expectations and please investors. For this reason, the entrepreneur wants to avoid this kind of pressure and be free to make decisions based on what’s best for their company rather than what’s best for investors.

He added that they don’t want to be constrained by financial terms and restrictions, such as needing to give up equity or provide regular updates to investors. He thinks that by doing this, the team would be able to maintain the business flexible and market-responsive.

Vishwadeep is optimistic that he and his team can expand their firm on their own despite the difficulties. They have a strong workforce, a sound business model, and a distinct future vision.

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They think they can accomplish their objectives without financial assistance if they work hard, are committed, and get blessed occasionally.

According to recent press reports, the funding conference or summit was held at a Virtual event in Europe, with Vishwadeep appearing as a delegate. In the weeks to come, a video of Vishwadeep’s comments will be aired.

In the modern world, where young entrepreneurs seek funding. Vishwadeep becomes the nation’s youngest entrepreneur to turn down a $2 million investment.

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