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How Finda Is Helping Indian Economy Grow!

New Delhi (India), February 06: It was in 2013 the idea of pioneered in India when the Founder and CEO Beljith Kumar Chakkarath brainstormed ways to help improve local businesses. From this came India’s most sorted out and trusted site for local businesses to be heard. has picked great momentum across India, simply through word-of-mouth. has helped to boost the local business market by getting the business seen by many more., a B2B business started with around 5 people located in Kozhikode, is now emerging as one of the fastest growing online B2B directories that brings the best services to trade your products and services on one of the world’s biggest available platforms.

In mid-2012 when CEO BeljithKumar Chakkarathcame across many business owners struggling to make ends meet, not because of poor product quality or services, but because they were not able to attract enough customers. Many businesses with the potential to grow and branch out were stuck at the beginning phase due to poor reach. India is a country with great resources and demand, but the resources were not reaching the intended customers. This was a clear problem for which Finda was the trusted solution. Founder BeljithKumar Chakkarath saw that a B2B platform was the missing link to achieve this.

The growing Indian economy and the increasing demands bring in stronger competition for local businesses. Finda helps your business to be placed out there at the right place and right time. It has been an amazing experience and journey to see what Finda has helped build. Today, Finda has successfully grown its community to 2.5 million,

We take extraordinary pride in the fact that India is our home base. We are growing and now finding new roots outside India. New collaborations are being developed backstage with companies based in London, UK. This would not only provide more opportunities for businesses locally but on an international platform. We expect our new networking collaborations will help Finda to achieve over $650 million turnover by the end of 2024.

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