SKEWDECK: What to Know About the Streetwear Brand

Skewdeck’s clothing is made from high quality fabrics, and the company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure that its entire range of products are of the highest quality. “The brand’s products are currently available through their online store and will be available through select retail outlets in India in the next phase which will be decided soon,” says the brainchild behind the brand, Raunak Singh who has more than a decade old experience in the industry having assisted his family business and taken it to the next level by implementing various strategies which have worked wonders for the business.

The fashion industry has been growing at an exponential rate across the world and the Indian markets have also picked up at a steady pace with many brands entering the market and making an impact worldwide. Talking about Indian brands, one of the most recent launches that has made its mark and is growing fast is Skewdeck. The brand was launched on 22nd October 2022 by entrepreneur Raunak Singh who has been in the business field since the past 15 years. The successful entrepreneur wanted to create a brand of his own, which led to the formation of Skewdeck which has done exceedingly well within a short time of its launch.

The brand is currently focussing on establishing its strong online presence as it aims at reaching Indian customers across the country. Surprisingly, the brand has started receiving orders in no time as its collection is truly amazing along with prices which are reasonable to the core. Speaking about taking the brand to the next level, its founder Rounak Singh says, “We want Skewdeck to become one of the leading clothing brands in India and are committed to providing stylish and affordable clothes for people of all ages and gender.”

At the pace at which Skewdeck is picking up, it might soon grow exponentially in the next few months and possibly become one of India’s most preferable brands.

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