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“Why select your hobby as a profession?” – Hrishiraj Sugre aka Pixoury

August 29: Everyone, whether a child or an adult, may have one or the other hobbies that can give relaxation from a normal schedule. But hardly people transform their hobbies into their future profession. 

There can be plenty of questions on that, and the first one can be, why hobby as a profession? Then you can be emerging examples from the society itself like Hrishiraj Sugre, aka Pixoury, who has not only believed in it but also mastered it as a profession. The reason for making a hobby your profession may include:

● Work satisfaction – At the end of the day, you will be satisfied from your heart but not stressed.

● Independence – While you opt for your hobby as a profession, you become more independent as you know what to do and how to manage the requirement to fetch the goals.

● Enjoying the work-You will love your work and will never have to look for leaves to be happy.

● Assured success-You will do what you are best at, so results will eventually be great, and that is confirmed.

Let’s have a look at the obstacles that can be in many lives if not acquired in time to choose your hobby as a profession by Hrishiraj Sugre, aka Pixoury.

✔ Parental Support – Parents should support their children in pursuing their hobbies as a profession. Mr. Hrishiraj’s father, Mr. Pramod Sugre, encouraged him to keep on doing what he does and supported him financially and emotionally until he was 26, which made him achieve more than he thought he would. You should not support your children forever, but if you see that they’re passionate and they have a vision, you should also support them.

 ✔ Peer pressure– There is peer pressure when you choose your hobby as a profession because you see your friends excel and succeed in their profession, and you’re still struggling. But, if your intention is correct and you truly master your hobby, all the wait and efforts will bring you unimaginable success.

 ✔ Financial support – When you start taking your hobby as a profession, it gets difficult to manage your expenses as the income is virtually zero or very less. Then you need to plan a strategy where you calculate your expenses and find a job to support you until you match the income from your hobby.

 ✔ Trolling – People try to pull you down whenever they see someone doing something different from what the majority does. But, you need to learn to have a bigger vision for yourself, and once you get there, the trolling turns into appreciation.

So, instead of finding satisfaction somewhere else, which is not the area of your interest, find your hobby, master it, and apply it as your profession to achieve the success of your hardcore hobby practical. You can take inspiration from the truth revealed by Mr. Hrishiraj Sugre, aka Pixoury, to enlighten the clear picture of making a hobby your profession.

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