Digital Vigyapan: The new idea of digital marketing by digital ninjas

August 5: The world needs no new introduction to the term “digital marketing” and it’s been clearly evident how people have forged a connection with the internet and the last two years of the pandemic have been proof enough. The whole world is now on the internet. People are learning things, checking reviews and making decisions on what to buy, where to buy, whom to consult, what to watch, what to do and what not to do. Digital Vigyapan is one such esteemed name stepping foot into the field of digital marketing and has sent shockwaves across the internet within no time and is making their clients’ digital marketing as easy as it can get.

The genius mind behind Digital Vigyapan is Kinjan Vinod Shah, who is the founder and CEO of Digital Vigyapan. College is a place where people are exposed to a variety of things, where interests are instilled, where passion is defined, and where the value of fighting for what we believe in is revealed and in the case of Kinjan, it was filming and creating video content. Kinjan continues to be affirmative that videos are the most effective digital tool for communicating ideas. He placed his faith in forming a connection visually through videos and believes it is the most compelling medium for delivering emotion and making a point in a straightforward manner that is simple for a spectator to comprehend and interpret.

Beginning his work as a cinematographer, Kinjan descended into the field of video production, capturing the genuine beauty on reels and cherishing the moments. In the lovely process of filming, developing content for companies, utilising, and merging all the clips to create a final film for the customer to advertise, he finds himself. According to Kinjan, consistency is the crucial element and it serves as his motivation to reach new heights. “No matter what the circumstances, whether the day is good or bad, a person must continue to be consistent, make constant effort, and keep going no matter what the cause” says the young entrepreneur.

At one point, after working as a cinematographer and creating content for many travel agencies he realised that it was the time for him to take the next step in his endeavour of life. He grasped the pulse of how a video can be used to market a product digitally and how digital marketing has taken over the world by a storm. That’s how the idea of Digital Vigyapan was planted in his mind, and that marks the beginning of a successful digital marketing agency.

Digital Vigyapan first began with the sheer determination and will to upscale their clients’ businesses on the internet through the entire process of digital marketing. They call themselves the digital ninjas who possess a working knowledge of all things digital, including content creation, building up a brand portfolio, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, website designing, and running ads on OTT platforms. The team at Digital Vigyapan asserts that marking a company’s online presence is a mandatory and essential necessity, and that Digital Vigyapan will fully assume all of that responsibility.

Kinjan claims that the journey of Digital Vigyapan has been one that is “packed with both highs and lows, elevations and setbacks.” “Amidst the lockdown it was difficult for them to start, but it also turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It made businessmen realise the value of digital marketing. “Working with diligence paid off when we just needed one client at a time to have faith in us”, he added, “and then everything fell into place”.

Like a true entrepreneur he belives that it was never anyone’s individual efforts that took Digital Vigyapan to the position that it is today, it’s all the teamwork that’s making the dream work. A creative and passionate team of web developers, designers, content writers, photographers, and SEO experts work day and night with passion burning in their hearts, bringing all the name and fame to Digital Vigyapan and helping it run successfully with a success rate of more than 99%.

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