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Brand Barrel to promote products of small retailers and vendors on its e-commerce platform

April 19: While the coronavirus pandemic has compelled small businesses to embrace technology to stay afloat, many are still unable to build an online platform owing to a lack of budgetary allocations. Thanks to Brand Barrel, a leading e-commerce marketplace specifically designed for independent manufacturers and retailers that cannot afford to build and operate their online platforms in today’s fast-paced world.

Vendors from various industries such as home décor, lighting, home appliances, fashion, handicraft, perfumes, footwear, sunglasses, computer accessories, etc., can take advantage of Brand Barrel’s online marketplace to list their products without worrying about the budget.

Brand Barrel has set up a vendor-friendly online shop. Once the vendor lists his or her products on the platform, the expert team members take care of everything. Starting from listing the products to marketing, shipping, and return of goods, everything is managed by a team of professionals.

The company offers all the services at no extra cost or hidden charges. The registration process is the simplest of all in the e-commerce industry. Once the registration is complete, the vendors can start listing their products from the very first day.

Soon, Brand Barrel is coming up with a mobile application for the vendors and customers to connect on the e-commerce platform.

“Brand Barrel wants to become a hyper-local e-commerce marketplace for the vendors and retailers. They (vendors and retailers) can take advantage of the e-commerce platform without worrying about creating their online platform and a hefty budget. We are planning to expand sales in multiple countries like Canada and USA starting from June 2022,” said a company spokesperson.