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Seema Singh is on a mission to provide a better education to underprivileged children

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : They say, ‘The Children of Today will make the India of Tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.’
For the underprivileged people in India, education is perceived to be a luxury and most of them cannot afford to provide basic schooling to their kids. Poverty has a far-reaching and adverse effects on the education of the kids.
Seema Singh, a Social Entrepreneur in Mumbai is working towards building a bright future for the underprivileged children. Seema Singh is the founder of NGO ‘Meghashrey,’ which works towards the betterment of underprivileged children and to feed the hungry in India. Seema has been doing social service since past 15 years.
Says Seema Singh ‘I have always wanted to spread awareness of education amongst the poor children. Because I strongly believe that nothing is more important than education to build a better future, especially for those coming from the weaker sections of society. My aim in life is to provide education to the underprivileged children through my NGO. As a team, we try to understand their educational needs and dedicatedly work towards fulfilling them.’
In order to help the underprivileged children, she has organised various educational initiatives. On Teacher’s Day, Ms. Seema Singh had committed  her life’s goal to provide quality education to children from underprivileged sections, and build a better future for them, with the promise of a stronger India. She has shown us the importance of our guru’s teaching which tells us to share our knowledge and spread learning with others. On this day, Ms. Seema Singh distributed educational kits amongst the poor children.
Through her various social initiatives, Seema has added value in lives of countless poor people. Her spirit of serving the society and living selflessly is an inspiration to many. The team of Meghashrey is working for the better livelihood and safety of the children living in slum areas of Mumbai. They have distributed the protective mask, gloves and hand sanitizer along with Notebook, compass box and school bag.
They say family is the backbone in your endeavours towards your goals in life. Seema is deeply blessed to have a family who not only supports but also contributes to her cause of making a difference in the world in their own small way.
Says Seema, ‘I have always received immense support from both my children in all my social activities. This makes me stronger as a person and motivates me to work hard towards my goals and aims to make the world a better place. Without the constant support of my son & daughter, it wouldn’t be possible to support the unprivileged children. In the world where morality, humanity is becoming rarer day by day, I glad that my children are always ready to give more and have helped many children to join their school again.’
Seema and her team at NGO Meghashrey are working on their mission to develop a better and brighter future of Young India. And they are happily and dedicatedly supporting poor children for their bright and good education. May Seema inspire everyone around her to contribute towards the education and good learning of the underprivileged children. For together we can make a Big Difference!