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Future Technology aiding, protecting and promoting Social Good

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Technology is effecting many sectors globally and it has started to show its impact in the social work as well. Recently Khushiyan foundation, an NGO based out of Mumbai which runs various projects like Roti Ghar, Beach Warriors among many collaborated with a Delhi based Artificial Intelligence Company SGEG Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which helped Khushiyan foundation in securing their kitchen premises.

The Delhi based company founded by Mohit Gaur and Shanu Goel uses artificial intelligence in various sectors like Education along with security and surveillance. They have biggest/flagship(chose any word suitable to you) product AmeeAI for various education institutions to transform them into the institutes of future using various forms of Artificial Intelligence. Along with education the company offers AIVirtualEye for the security and surveillance project/product (chose any word suitable to you) which uses Facial Recognition technology of Artificial Intelligence to add a more secure layer of security to the premises. AIVirtualEye is being used by khushiyan foundation to secure kitchen premises by preventing any unauthorised entry in the premises by raising alert/alarm and managing automatic staff attendance using Facial Recognition.

What made Mohit Gaur think on collaboration with Khushiyaan to which he said “When we at AIVirtualEye came to know about the Roti Ghar initiative of Khushiyan Foundation we realised that the premises in which the food that is cooked and served should be protected and should be under surveillance to the maximum extent possible as food is being fed to 1000s of children. Keeping in mind this same philosophy we at AIVirtualEye decided to secure the premises through our advanced surveillance system to ensure nothing goes wrong while feeding these 1000s of children on fail basis “